Human Rights

Hypocrisy Exposed

Human rights are the rights of every human to live as he/she/they wishes without unnecessary interference and without undue costs or restrictions

On the 16th of January was the MLK day, U.S. Civil Rights Day in memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

That same day the UK Prime minister is announced laws to restrict public protests.  Some people just don't have any sense or respect for our tragic history.  How ironic.

We are not here to belittle the human rights abuses currently recognized around the world

There are massive human rights abuses in countries like Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Myanmar, Turkey, North Korea and Afghanistan that are rightly recognized. 

There are massive human rights abuses in countries like Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Myanmar, Turkey, North Korea, Afghanistan that are rightly recognized. 

It are the human rights abuses elsewhere we also want to expose

Human right abuses in the western world and in countries that pretend to be superior when it comes to human rights.   For example Denmark now thinks it is all right to take away someone's hard earned car if he goes double the speed limit...

Human rights abuses closer to home

There is a tendency to point to human right abuses elsewhere and yet we infringe massively on human rights in our own countries.  Even you by your intolerance for certain people or ingrained hate may be stepping on someone's civil liberties. 

To be free from tyranny

Tyranny can be right under our noses - as was the case with Trudeau response to the Trucker rebellion

Trudeau deserves credit for having the guts to stand up to human right abuses and tyranny elsewhere in the world and being steadfast inspite of the ensuing rage by the tyrants of Saudi Arabia and China.  However the example of Trudeau demonstrates how easy it is to put oneself on a higher moral ground and yet not recognize ones own tyrannical tendencies.  If we stand back a little, it is very regrettable that Trudeau did not see the opportunity he had to make a deal with the truckers.  The truckers were protesting against extreme COVID-19 measures.  Trudeau thought that these measures were a righteous response.  But when other nations where dismantling similar measures based on a reevaluation of the threat-benefit analysis, why did Ottawa not do the same thing to appease the conflict with the truckers.  Instead physical and monetary measures were applied to the protesters. 

We guess it was because of his desire to show power.  This is what is so frightening about tyranny.  Anybody with power can become tyrannical and it is human rights that suffer. 

This is human rights hypocrisy exposed.

Trudeau has been very critical of China and Saudi Arabia, yet he did not see when he himself went too far in suppressing freedom of expression.   People should complain when authorities restrict their freedoms unnecessarily and governments should always try to avoid suppression and the show of power.

We are filling in the blanks

We just started writing about human rights.   We are going to be writing a lot more.  Please read what we have written.  Comment, forward and support us.  A lot more to come in the next few days and weeks.

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The right not be called "right wing", "left wing", nor "holding debunked theories" when this is not backed up

Right wing and left wing are not easily defined terms.  One way to define these terms has to do with if you are pro government spending or would like the government to spend less.  But it is also a question of not just what is said but what is done.  The term right wing tends to be associated with Republicans in the United States and left wing with the Democrats yet on average the Republicans have managed to spend more which is contrary to the definition.   These terms are also sometimes used to describe nationalism and the treatment of immigrants and again the Republicans have not always been anti immigrant, for example the Bushes treated immigrants quite well.  These terms are often further misused when referring to the "extreme right" or "extreme left".  There may be people who rightly belong to those categories but even in this case one needs to be careful.  For example Hitler was associated with the extreme right, but most people who do not want uncontrolled immigration do not share his views.  So it does not serve any legitimate purpose to  group them with neo-Nazis and rather than restrain them it is more likely to push them in that direction which is very bad for society.  Even more so when it is attempted to group people that share just one or two views with these people as belonging to that group.  

So what we are saying is that people have a right not to be unjustly labeled and people have a right to be listened to and taken seriously even if they share some views with people who also peddle nonsense.   

There is a very bad tendency for such labels to be misused in the United States and Germany.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there, some are being spread my minorities but some are being spread by much larger groups often because it suits them politically.  But this is very dangerous because it takes the credibility out of everything they say.  But just because something is labeled a conspiracy theory or because someone quickly labeles something as having been "debunked" does not mean that it has no basis.   One must look at who if anyone has debunked something, because it can easily happen that something is debunked by some organization that has an invested interest and has the resources to debunk something.   More often than not they do not even have to show believable research, they just need to pay the right person, organization or media to give the false impression.  

It is not a human right to say something you know is not true

As was the case of Alex Jones

Countries that support human rights abuses by continuing to trade with countries responsible the worst of human right abuses deserve condemnation

Read about what needs to be done about the Russian Ukraine war at Open Letters International

Genocide is the worst type of human rights abuse.  It is the denial of the right to exist.  Russia is attempting genocide of the people of Ukraine.  They are targeting Ukraine's independent culture.  They are destroying the cultural heritage of Ukraine.  

The countries that continue to trade with such a Hitler like regime are co-responsible for these worst of human rights abuses.  These countries, include China, India, Saudi Arabia and even Germany and the United States.  For the US has increased indirect purchases of Russian oil through India and Germany has increased trade rather than reduce it.

This is human rights hypocrisy exposed. 

The right to clean water

In this modern world it is not so difficult to provide clean drinking water.  Clean drinking is a basic need that every community should provide as a priority.  No one should be allowed to sell that right for a profit to companies that would like to charge for this basic human right.

The right not to be subject to misinformation and deceptive advertising sponsored by people or companies that want to make money

An example of this is the baby milk powder formula campaigns

The United States even went so far as to threaten Ecuador to be cut of from aid when it proposed a resolution that people should be encouraged to give human breast milk.   By giving baby formula it is estimated that one million children die each year.  By not breastfeeding the chances of autism go up by a staggering 2100% (Research that compared children who get their mother breast for less than 6 months compared to children that get their mothers breast milk for more than a year). 

Nestle based in Switzerland is one of the companies that markets baby formula, but in the above example it was a US company that pressured the US government to act so astonishingly.

The right to protest

Protests are controlled in many more countries than one might think.

The right to have politicians accountable for their obvious and not so obvious corruption and bad policies

Pictured here is the previous leader of Indonesia.  The present government is even worse.  They have not forbidden people to have sex outside marriage.  What kind of human rights are that for people who travel to Indonesia, who love each other but have not gotten married yet. 

Some human right abuses not obviously recognized as human right abuses

Yet they certainly and unnecessarily prevent people living as they choose

For example now polygamy is forbidden in most countries.

The right not to be subject to campaigns of fear

During COVID-19 people were unnecessarily frightened.   They were discouraged from social contact, from traveling etc.  Governments ignored recommendations from the United Nations given in October 2020 not to do lockdowns etc.

Yet most governments ignored out human rights, not least the effect those policies had on the third world and our future generations. 

The right to be able to save money e.g. for retirement and earning a fair return on those savings

The subsidy of money which takes place by lending money printed (or deposited electronically) by the central bank at low or even negative interest rates means that ordinary people can not save money to keep up with inflation and earn a fair interest without taking undue risk.  This subsidy of money benefits mostly the rich which have enough collateral to borrow money and who need only to pay back less then what they borrowed in real terms, hence encouraging them to make investments that do not really make sense such as Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.

The right to affordable housing

Not talking about subsidies here but a housing market that is free from distortions, with a conductive environment 

Housing is so expensive because a lot of people can borrow money without paying real interest for it.  It would be better if people could save a substantial portion before they buy.  Also authorities could make super transportations to new suburbs so that people do not have to factor in long commute times.

The right not to be put in a box, by society, by an employer nor by your friends

We box people by making prejudgments and in a different way by not allowing them to be themselves

Cut them some slack. 

Worst of all we set higher expectations for people we know, employees, boss, parents, siblings, mates and friends.   They have a right to be normal people, to be far from perfect, to make mistakes, even Prince Andrew :o   Just because they are your family or whatever does not mean they need to be better just because of their relationship with you.

Make fun and not war

The right not to be abused

A lot of abuse happens because of jealousy or mischanneled and uncontrolled anger.    Think about your own actions, obvious or not.   Help make this a better world.

The right to have and appreciate different body types

Including color, breasts, buttocks, genitals, noses, hairiness, clothing, hairstyles, body fat, age, gender, etc.

We have different complexions mostly based on where our not so distant ancestors came from, the less sun and vitamin-D those ancestors had the lighter skin color.   Basically we all come from Africa, though.   The size and type of our noses is likewise determined by the weather that those not so distant ancestors were exposed to.  Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and so do genital's.  People should be able to choose whether they shave part of their body hair or not.  No child should be subject to genital mutilation.     

People should be allowed to choose with which gender they prefer to identify themselves with

Nor should we discriminate against people who are not yet quit comfortable with some aspects of this such as sharing a changing room with someone that they do not see as their own gender

In some countries like Switzerland, changing rooms are often gender neutral and it is considered quite normal.

Laws and law enforcement that disproportionally incarcerate people of one race versus another should be immediately recognized as infringing on civil liberties

This has been the case in the United States.  It is possible to shorten sentences for marijuana possession but at the same time discourage people to take this ever more dangerous drug (the THC has gotten much stronger) and the dealers are pushing other very dangerous drugs that are a great threat to society.   

In order to have everybody equal before the law, laws need to be simplified

Laws that are so complicated that only very expensive lawyers can dissect them prevent equality

What is the use of laws that people do not know about?

Why should only rich people and big companies be able to follow all the intrinsics of the law, not to mention the loopholes?

It should be possible to throw away most laws and leave or create laws that everybody can understand.  Laws that do not unnecessarily infringe on peoples rights to do as they wish without harming others.

The right not to be canceled or have the feer of being canceled for something you said or did decades ago

It is shameful that people have been canceled for something that used to be the norm.  Even people like Domingo Placido who was canceled from the Los Angeles Opera he built up for something that was described as a godlike perfect date.

Gender equality is a human right

Positive discrimination is a double edged sword.  It would be desirable that both men and women had an equal right to parental leave.  That way a person without children would stand equal before an employer irrespective of his/her gender.  Lawmakers should be aware of such things and not pass laws where parental leave can be transferred between the sexes.  Similarly menstruation leave bound in law may in fact not be beneficial to women as they may have a disadvantage when it comes to getting a job.

The right to show your face and body

Everybody should have the right to go outside and enjoy the sun, Muslim women included